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Cheness Deluxe Junior Iaito - 24" Blade

(Ref: C127)

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This is our junior delux varient of the 1045 Carbon steel iaito. Made for the smaller practitioners as well as the increasing number of youth participating in JSA. It is constructed in exactly the same way a carbon steel katana is, only blunted on the cutting edge. Hand forged, hand polished, full length nakago (tang), double mekugi (retaining pin).

At 24" in blade length, this sword allows the smaller swordsman to execute drawing and sheathing techniques properly. Rather than having to twist your body to accomodate to a larger sword (and ultimately developing bad habits which are difficult to correct later on). Additionally, the lighter weight of this sword presents less of a strain on the arms of the practitioner, allowing for a more comfortable practice session. A basic sword with the standard weight, dimensions, strength, construction of a carbon steel katana and perfect for iai practices. Can also be used for stage and film purposes.

Key Features
* Designed specifically for smaller practioners
* 1045 carbon steel, hand polished blade
* Suitable for stage and film

* This Iaito is unsharpened
* This Iaito is fully functional
* This Iaito is hand-forged.
* This Iaito has a tameshigiri polish

Measurements / Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 88.90cm 35"
Blade Length 60.96cm 24"
Grip Length 24.13cm 9½"
Weight 0.78Kg 1lb 12oz

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