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Lightweight Iaito

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Cheness Lightweight Iaito - 29" Blade

(Ref: C123)

This new iaito is designed to be very lightweight, so as to allow for extended periods of kata training without straining your arms. It captures the benefit of a zinc aluminum iaito blade, but does not have the drawback of zinc aluminum blades (which is extreme brittleness). The new textured finish of the saya also makes the scratches, scuffs, and dents to the saya (typically sustained during practice sessions) less apparent.

Most iaido practice sessions lasts around 2 hours. Though practice with a standard carbon steel iaito allows you to become familar with the weight of a standard cutting sword, to practice katas this long using a steel sword would be difficult for most people. Hence, the need for a lightweight iaito. Because of the new geometry, new hardwares are required. In addition to the new tsuba, this sword also uses a custom sized habaki to accomodate the narrower blade.

Key Features
* Designed specifically for long practise sessions
* Tempered stainless steel, mirror polish blade
* Textured Saya to aid prolonged use

* This Iaito is unsharpened
* This Iaito is fully functional
* This Iaito is hand-forged.
* This Iaito has a mirror polish

Measurements / Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 107.95cm 42½"
Blade Length 73.66cm 29"
Grip Length 27.94cm 11"
Weight 0.9Kg 2lb 0oz

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