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Welcome to Oriental Weaponry's Online Hanwei Catalogue! Welcome to Oriental Weaponry's Online Hanwei Catalogue!

We have a very significant advancement in blade making technology with the introduction of Bainite blades into our Samurai sword line.

Modern steel technology also has its place in the production of modern Samurai swords. L6 tool steel, when subjected to an exacting heat treatment process, produces a blade with an unparalleled combination of strength and flexibility. Hanweis ability to control this process has produced two all-new katana using this L6/Bainite blade, the Oni and Praying Mantis.

Our popular Performance Series of katana, for Iaito and Tameshigiri practitioners, has been extended to four lines. Joining the Tori and Practical models are the Miyamoto Musashi and Practical Plus, all available in three Iaito blade lengths and three cutting configurations.

The Ronin Katana, Tea Culture Daisho and Three Monkey Daisho are also brand new additions to our Samurai sword line. The Ronin is built on a folded steel blade with fittings influenced by the story of the forty-seven Ronin. The Tea Culture and Three Monkey Daisho feature monosteel blades with classic styling.

Expanding our Chinese sword offerings is the Tang, a Jian style sword with intricate Lion Dog hilt work and an exceptional etched blade.

Built on traditional lines, the styling of our Korean Cloud Sword illustrates its place in the evolution of Japanese swords, though its uniquely Korean features clearly set it apart.

We have two exceptional additions to our European Practical line for the fencer and reenactor. Our two-hand fencing sword or Federschwert replicates the training swords used in Renaissance Europe, as depicted in many training manuals of the period, while the Practical Norman Sword, made for the re-enactor, is styled after an 11th century single-hand sword.

Making an explosive introduction is the 1841 American Civil War 6lb Cannon, first in a line of scaled replica cannons made to exacting detail. Crafted in steel and solid oak, this two-foot long piece creates an imposing display of Civil War era artillery might.

Our range of historical giftware has been expanded with the introduction of high quality Mini Katana and Tsuba Pendants. Eleven Mini Swords, based on some of our most popular pieces, feature forged high-carbon and maraging steel blades and very attractive packaging. Weve also taken some of the most popular Tsuba styles from our katana range and turned them into stylish sterling silver pendants!

Finally, we are proud to introduce our new Hanwei "Spirit of Steel" DVD, which features Paul and Ron Chen and provides some very interesting glimpses into swordmaking in the Hanwei facility.

Enjoy your tour of our online catalogue and please call us with any questions you may have we look forward to working with you.


Peter Schofield
Managing Director
BearArm Ltd

Oriental Weaponry |  New Sword Sales |  Hanwei (By Paul Chen) Swords |  Hanwei (By Paul Chen) Informational Pages