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Functional Sword Breaker

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Cold Steel Chinese Sword Breaker XX

(Ref: CS-88CSB)

The ancient Chinese Sword Breaker had a rectangular (occasionally hollow ground) cross section with sharp corners making it possible for it to focus a blow with maximum impact. Such a blow could, at the very least, beat an opponent's blade aside or so far "out of line" that recovery in time to mount a defense was virtually impossible. At the most, it could live up to its name and could break, bend or disable conventional swords with a single blow! In either scenario, one is left powerless to avoid the Sword Breaker's point. Luckily, there were few who encountered this powerhouse in battle, as its girth and heft meant it required a warrior of substantial strength and agility to wield it properly.

We at Cold Steel drew inspiration for our design from an original antique Sword Breaker we were privileged to handle and study in China. Our handle is made of heavy, dense Rosewood with a fluted cross section that affords a good grip. It features beautifully cast nickel-silver fittings throughout, from the decoratively detailed circular guard to the very stout 5 lobbed pommel that effectively counter balances the weight of the blade and makes it easier to wield.

Thirty inches long and beautifully forged out of 1050 high carbon steel , our Sword Breaker has a striking rectangular cross section and hollow ground "flats", and comes compete with a Rosewood scabbard that features nickel-silver furniture to match the grip.

Key Features

  • 1050 High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Rectangular Cross Section
  • Rosewood Scabbard


  • This sword is sharp.
  • This sword is fully functional.
  • This sword is hand-forged.

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Oriental Weaponry |  New Sword Sales |  Chinese Swords |  Functional Sword Breaker