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33" O Katana in Shirasaya

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Cheness 33" O-Katana in Shirasaya

(Ref: C107)

This is the Cheness O-katana with through hardened 9260 Silicon Alloy Spring Steel blade mounted in a shirasaya. Information on the unique blade itself can be found at either the O-Katana Pages.

Note: This sword does not come with sword bag or display box... The saya itself is the "disposable" protective container for the bare blade.

The Shirasaya (literal translation: "White scabbard") refers to a plain, unlacquered, wooden scabbard traditionally used as a basic long term holder for blades. The wood is kept raw intentionally to allow for the blade to "breath" through the scabbard. (Lacquering, painting, or varnishing a shirasaya would defeat the purpose). This sword exhibits extremely tight tolerance between the saya and the tsuka as well as between the tsuka and mekugi as it is mounted first, then finished as one-piece. The blade is double pinned.

Although this sword is fully sharpened as is with our tameshigiri cutters, a blade mounted in the shirasaya is not intended to be used for cutting. The shirasaya does not have a tsuba to prevent the hand from sliding upwards towards the blade, nor does it have wrapped handle to provide traction. As such, we do not recommend cutting with this blade until it is properly mounted. The raw wood used is open grained and very porous.. as such it would become dirty if handled with dirty hands. We suggest washing your hands or wearing gloves before handling this saya if used for display. The saya may also have absorbed some of the oils used to protect it from the elements during ocean transport, some of the oils will be visible from the exterior of the scabbard..

Key Features
* Housed in a wooden Shirasaya
* 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel blade
* Simple and sleek look.

* This katana is sharp
* This katana is hand-forged.

Measurements / Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 121.92cm 48"
Blade Length 83.82cm 33"
Grip Length 30.48cm 12"
Thickness 0.762cm ¼"
Weight 1.14Kg 2lb 8oz

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Oriental Weaponry |  New Sword Sales |  Cheness Swords |  O-Katana |  33" O Katana in Shirasaya