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Welcome to Oriental Weaponry

Oriental Weaponry has been proudly retailing Hanwei (Paul Chen) swords and martial arts equipment since 2004. Oriental Weaponry is owned and operated by BA Blades.

Oriental Weaponry has grown in to the largest European retailer for Hanwei (Paul Chen) Swords. Unlike other retailers we stock Hanwei (Paul Chen Swords) and we get restocked on a weekly basis. We also work closely with the European distributors to bring you one-off offers on products you can't get elsewhere.

We're also the sole UK importer for Cheness Katana and have been since January 2012 and in December 2013 we were very proud to be selected as the UK importer for Ronin Katana.

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Hanwei Katana (Paul Chen)

Hanwei Katana (Paul Chen)

We're Europe's Largest Retailer for Hanwei (Paul Chen) Katana and have been for some time!

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Cheness Katana

Cheness Katana


Back in January 2012 we were selected by Cheness Katana to be their sole UK importer. We are very proud to be Cheness' representative in the UK and we look forward to many more years importing their swords.

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Ronin Katana

Ronin Katana


In November 2013 we were selected by Ronin Katana to become their sole UK importer. We received the first consignment and we're looking forward to working with Ronin Katana for many years to come.

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Cold Steel Swords

Cold Steel Swords

We have been Cold Steel's UK distributor since 2008. We have decided to bring the full range of Cold Steel swords and training equipment to Oriential Weaponry and look forward to many more years of working with Cold Steel inc.

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Dragon King Swords

Dragon King Swords

The famed artisans of Dalian have returned to show to the sword world what quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity can produce under the superlative leadership of a true avant-gardist. By the guidance of master designer, Frenchie Jin, the next generation of cutlery enthusiasts will taste the steel of the fabled golden age of swords.

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